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Tektra provides you and your business full Zoho training and tutorials on how you can use its software to manage and operate your business from anywhere.

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Tektra provides you and your business full Zoho training and tutorials on how you can use its software to manage and operate your business from anywhere. Our training program is designed to help you manage your business operations efficiently and provide you with daily stats and updates to keep track of your sales, inventories, stock, schedules, shifts, clients, and more. We have a very dynamic Zoho training model that will give you an overall overview of what is going on in each part of your business in real-time. Our training programs are designed in an efficient and user-friendly manner to ensure that learning and understanding are simple and easy for all staff members. Learning can be done via tutorials, classroom training, webinars, and online workshops so users can use any device to access the training tools we provide.

Zoho CRM Tutorials-The tutorials provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to work with some of these extensive features. You will learn in detail about why a feature is required and how to use it with the help of a few scenarios that elaborate on its use.

Zoho CRM Classroom Training- Our classroom training combines expert guidance with a hands-on implementation-the interactive approach to learning is tailored to ensure that you can utilize Zoho CRM in a way that best suits your business. The Zoho CRM Classroom Training is a 3-day instructor-led program, which aims to enable CRM Admins to set up and run their organization account efficiently. In this training, we’ll take you through the basics of setting up an account on Day1, to more advanced features such as automation, process management, and module customization towards Day 3. This training is highly recommended, as it includes hands-on sessions, technical demonstrations, and more. You’ll also receive participation certificates and learning materials by the end of the training.

Webinars-There are numerous live webinars that take place for free through Zoho Meetings. This is done to give users training on certain aspects of the software or answer any queries. The webinars are conducted by experts at Zoho. Zoho Online Workshops-What is it all about? This online workshop is a three-day training module designed to help developers like you know all about building apps for Zoho. This free workshop aims to equip you with the basic skills required for developing over Zoho’s platforms and showcase them in our marketplace.

Are you struggling with your business operations, project management, HR/Payroll, or overall logistics? Tektra is a Zoho-certified service provider with all the experience and knowledge required to assist you and your business to reach the next level. Our team of Zoho CRM trainees is highly trained and has all the knowledge to assist your business to attain the best custom software solutions, training, Customer Relations Management solutions, overall operations, and sales for the business. 

Stop wasting time trying to figure out why your business is not operating at its full capacity and how you are going to manage the business while pitching to your potential customers. Book your Zoho Training appointment today and our team will gladly assist you.

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Over 12 years of experience in CRM Management Solutions, this includes implementations, training, and consulting. Collectively, TEKTRA has completed over 120 CRM implementations.

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Tektra provides innovative software technology and training in the Business Tech, Health Tech, and Educational Tech industries. Most importantly our ZOHO products are affordable and efficient. 

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