TEKTRA Assists Your Business with Software/CRM Management Solutions. We have over 12 years of experience in CRM Management Solutions, this includes implementations, training, and consulting. Collectively, TEKTRA has completed over 120 CRM implementations successfully.

Zoho One

A broad and cohesive set of apps that work together to run and operate a whole business on the cloud. Zoho One is made of more than 35 web applications as well as mobile applications under a single sign-on, with a centralized admin and provisioning which makes it a true operating system for any business.

While each app has the power and ability to perform at its best, collectively they deliver unison cohesion and a knockout punch.

Zoho CRM

Cloud-based business management platform that caters to businesses of all shapes and sizes. It has sales and marketing automation tools with analytics, helpdesk, and customer support functions.

Zoho CRM will help users respond to customers across platforms in real-time. The Zoho CRM has a sales Assistant-powered AI that can appropriate time to contact customers.

Zoho Invoice

Helps individuals create professional templates, automate tasks and payment reminders. Invoice software that lets you send professional invoices, automate payment reminders, and accept card payment online, faster than ever.

You can choose a template from the Zoho gallery and we will give it a personal touch. Zoho invoice lets you carefully craft your invoices to fit your brand.

Zoho Desk

This helps businesses focus on their customer. Desk provides the management of customer support tickets, a portal for customer support, contract management, as well as report creation.

Zoho Desk is a cloud-based help desk solution from Zoho Corporation, catering to businesses of all sizes. Key features include management of customer support tickets, a customer support portal, contract management, and report creation.

Zoho Projects

This tool allows you to plan and track your work while also collaborating with your team remotely. Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management solution that is designed for small and midsize companies.

It offers project scheduling and budgeting which allows project managers to define project tasks, assign them to their teams, estimate projects cost and follow up on in-progress tasks in a correct and organized manner.

Zoho Sign

This is a paperless signature service Zoho sign allows for document creation and to leave a digital signature on documents online.

Digitally sign documents yourself and email the signed copies to others, get documents signed on the spot, or send documents to request signatures.

Zoho Books

This helps businesses to manage their finances and automate workflows. Right from negotiating deals, to raising sales orders, to invoicing, Zoho Books handles mundane accounting tasks so you can focus on the business. 

With role-based access, you can add your colleagues and your accountant to your organization so they can log time, view reports, or manage your accounts.

Zoho Site

Used to help create websites as well as blogs without any code required. The easy drag & drop features allow for easy usage by even non-technical users.

It is customizable according to what the business needs. This comes with a number of stunning templates to choose from that best suit your business needs and requirements.


We have chatbots that can assist with customer relations support. The chatbot features can be tailored and used for any type of query, big or small. The response time from Zoho is within seconds and they guide you through any issues at hand.

All our chatbots can be tailored to take care of any of your customer needs and queries. We use the latest technologies to design, develop and implement the latest AI trends to ensure that our bots are efficient, answer all questions, and have unlimited dynamic features. 

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Over 12 years of experience in CRM Management Solutions, this includes implementations, training, and consulting. Collectively, TEKTRA has completed over 120 CRM implementations.

Our Client Testimonials

How has Tektra helped businesses and individuals over the past 12 years? A word from our trusted customers. 

Thank you guys very much for helping me get my business in order. Now I use Tektra solutions for all my departments.
Adam Sendler
Adam Group Int.
Thanks to Tektra, I can run and manage my business without being there on a daily basis.
Mila Kunis
Kunis (Pty) Ltd.
I struggled a lot with keeping records and tracking invoices for suppliers and customers. Tektra has made my life easier, I could not be thankful enough.
Mike Sendler
DMM Tech