ZOHO Implementation and Consultation Services

for South African businesses

We do custom setups and implementation on all ZOHO Products. We have over 12 years of Software, CRM, and ZOHO consulting and training services. TEKTRA provides innovative software technology to businesses across South Africa.

ZOHO Consulting Services.
We Help Your Business With Its ZOHO implementation Requirements

For the last 12 years, TEKTRA has had the privilege of implementing software and ZOHO CRM solutions for an array of South African businesses across different industries.  Improve your sales productivity and the marketing of your business by using TEKTRA as your ZOHO implementation partner. TEKTRA supports our clients throughout their professional endeavors. We create a personalized experience for all our customers that ensures that their business benefits the most from their ZOHO implementation.

ZOHO one

ZOHO One is a suite of 40 plus business applications that are tightly integrated with one another from Sales, Marketing, finance and customer service applications.


Now you can put your customers first by using ZOHO Desk and respond to your customer queries and issues as quickly and as efficiently as possible online and offline.

ZOHO Books

We help you with a seamless integration to transfer from your old system to ZOHO books. You can add colleagues and accountants to your organization so they can manage your accounts.


ZOHO CRM is an online sales tool that can streamline your business processes for sales, marketing, and customer support in one centralized location, giving you a 360-degree view of your customer interaction. Users can also integrate third-party systems.

ZOHO Implementation

TEKTRA works closely with our clients to understand their business and find out how our ZOHO Applications can best assist their business needs. We build close and long-standing relationships with clients who use us as their preferred ZOHO Consultants.

Improve Your Sales Productivity With TEKTRA, a Certified ZOHO Partner

TEKTRA assists businesses of all sizes with their business management software solutions.

We have over 12 years of experience in ZOHO implementations, ZOHO consulting services, and training for our clients. TEKTRA has successfully completed over 120 ZOHO implementations for our clients. We provide training on all CRM solutions to help our clients benefit the most from our ZOHO products.  We ensure the longevity of businesses in both South Africa and Africa by systematizing their company so that leaders can scale their organizations, in turn creating more employment.

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Anything You Need

We provide the latest technology for all types of businesses.​​

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Affordable Pricing

Affordable prices, but also great overall service.

Improve Your Business Technology At The Most Affordable Prices

TEKTRA is known as an innovative software technology and training provider in the Business Tech, Health Tech, and Educational Tech industries. Our ZOHO implementations are fast, user-friendly, and meets your business needs. Most importantly our ZOHO products are affordable. 

ZOHO Products For Your Business

Need ZOHO Consulting Services?

Get tailored CRM solutions for your business, start saving money, and improving your overall business performance today with our ZOHO products and services. Contact us and tell us more about your business now to get a free no-obligation quote. 

Our Client Testimonials

How has Tektra helped businesses and individuals over the past 12 years? A word from our trusted customers. 

Thank you guys very much for helping me get my business in order. Now I use Tektra solutions for all my departments.
Adam Sendler
Adam Group Int.
Thanks to Tektra, I can run and manage my business without being there on a daily basis.
Mila Kunis
Kunis (Pty) Ltd.
I struggled a lot with keeping records and tracking invoices for suppliers and customers. Tektra has made my life easier, I could not be thankful enough.
Mike Sendler
DMM Tech