ZOHO Custom Development

Here at Tektra, we tailor-make each solution for each phase and department for the entire business. Our track record speaks for itself as we have helped more than 50 businesses set up and operate their businesses via cloud technology.

ZOHO Custom Development.
We Help Your Business With Its ZOHO Knowledge Requirements

Is your business too complex for the average person to understand? Is your business suffering from unaccounted sales, expenses, customer matters, and unplanned operations? Honestly, your business is in need of custom-based solutions specifically tailored for your business. Many businesses need such apps and systems to assist them with their growth and daily business operations. Here at Tektra, we tailor-make each solution for each phase and department for the entire business. Our custom software design and development team has more than 12 years of experience in CRM tools, software, and services. Our track record speaks for itself as we have helped more than 50 businesses set up and operate their businesses via cloud technology. We have innovated the entire business industry of South Africa and the rest of the continent as well as mastered the art of helping businesses secure their operations, stock, and overall sales.

Each business is unique and comes with a set of unique challenges. These challenges vary from business to business. Some businesses lose money because they don’t have an efficient inventory and stock management system, task scheduling system, payroll system, or even a staff/shift management system to help the company keep track of its overall activities. Instead of focusing on one segment of a business, we at Tektra have taken a whole different approach. We break down each step into its own unique process and we design and build tailored applications around each segment of the business. Each business will be taken through informative assessment and consultations so we can get an overall understanding of what is currently going on in the business. How and what needs improvement, how long will it take us to get it done, and how much money will the business be saving and making through acquired and new customers? All of these are important questions to ask each business so we have an idea of how to tailor their CRM systems to the business needs and requirements.  

How can Tektra help my business? A Tektra tailor-made Customer Relations Management solution has the potential to alleviate all of your stock and inventory management, business operations, sales, customer complaints, and overall business management problems, thus improvement in your business operations will be visible as soon as custom systems have been implemented. Our technical team will design and develop a tailored solution that is fit for your business size and budget.

Gone are the days of hiring staff to monitor the progress of other staff. With custom tailor-made Zoho CRM solutions, you can manage your business better and efficiently from any location. Our custom-tailored systems are all web-based and mobile-friendly. We also provide you and your business with a fully-fledged mobile application that will work on any Android or Mac device of your choice.

Our applications are dynamic and offer automatic updates straight from the Zoho servers. You won’t have to worry about upgrades, updates, or any technicalities that come with your new business management system as we will provide all the infrastructure and applications that you and your business needs.

Time for your business
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Over 12 years of experience in CRM Management Solutions, this includes implementations, training, and consulting. Collectively, TEKTRA has completed over 120 CRM implementations.

What Can We Do For Your Business?

Tektra provides innovative software technology and training in the Business Tech, Health Tech, and Educational Tech industries. Most importantly our ZOHO products are affordable and efficient. 

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Customers can now get assitance faster than before.

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Our team is friendly and eager to help you solve your problem.

3rd Party Integrations

Integrate with any application you like for maximum usage.

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Connect your business and tools within seconds for maximum efficiency.

Cloud Solutions

Safe and secured cloud solutions for your sesnitive data.

Inventory Tools

Get access to unlimited inventory managemnt tools.

Safe & Secure

Military grade security to ensure that all your conneted devices and data is secure.

Mobile Friendly

Our softwares can be used across any device including mobile.

Remote CRM

Access and control your CRM from any remote location.