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Here at Tektra, our Zoho consulting team brings a specialized skill set that enables your business to make smart technology investments, improve practices, and save time and money.

ZOHO Consulting Services.
We Help Your Business With Its ZOHO implementation Requirements

Business management solutions can be a hassle as a business has so many needs and requirements. You have various departments and segments that are branches in the business and form the entire ecosystem.  All of these require processes and these take a lot of time. Let us save you time by creating a system that works well for you and your business needs. Here at Tektra, our Zoho consulting team brings a specialized skill set that enables your business to make smart technology investments, improve practices, and save time and money. We bridge the gap between business needs and technology solutions through open collaboration with our clients. No one knows your business better than you- so we don’t expect to pigeonhole you and make you use Zoho in a way that doesn’t make sense. Instead, our certified, professional Zoho Consultants sit down with you in a consulting engagement called a Business Process Analysis to get a “lay of the land.” From that point on, we’re able to give you a solid plan for moving forward-a technological roadmap, if you will. This plan will contain a certified Zoho solution, something we can stand behind.

We incorporate agile methodologies throughout your project to help us adapt as quickly as your business and technology need evolve-all while ensuring a return on investment. We deliver best-in-class certified Zoho CRM customization, consulting solutions, and advice you can trust, in several functional areas for the best quality Zoho support.

Our consulting services include Zoho CRM, the Zoho Finance Suite(including Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Creator, Projects, Desk, and many more other apps). Consulting with Tektra also includes instructions on how to integrate Zoho with third-party apps such as Quickbooks, Sage100 ERP, and many others. We take pride in creating a diverse business operating system that can simplify and centralize all of your business needs, operations, and customer service needs. Tektra does not only offer you and your business Zoho consulting services and products but we also provide you with relevant training, custom business solutions, integration with third-party applications, 24-hour customer support, and centralized operating systems for each department in your business. This has simplified so many business processes and allowed businesses to operate at full capacity using one centralized system to control and manage operations and all business functions. 

Are you struggling with your business operations, project management, HR/Payroll, or overall logistics? Tektra is a Zoho-certified service provider with all the experience and knowledge required to assist you and your business to reach the next level. Our team of Zoho CRM consultants is highly trained and has all the knowledge to assist your business to attain the best custom software solutions, Customer Relations Management solutions, overall operations, and sales for the business. 

Stop wasting time trying to figure out why your business is not operating at its full capacity and how you are going to manage the business while pitching to your potential customers. Book your Zoho Consultation appointment today and our team will gladly assist you.

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Over 12 years of experience in CRM Management Solutions, this includes implementations, training, and consulting. Collectively, TEKTRA has completed over 120 CRM implementations.

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Tektra provides innovative software technology and training in the Business Tech, Health Tech, and Educational Tech industries. Most importantly our ZOHO products are affordable and efficient. 

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