We offer a range of cloud business solutions this includes Maximizer CRM, Zoho CRM , Zoho books, mobile devise management software, cloud back up software, contact management software, email marketing software and custom built cloud solutions for web and mobile applications.

  • Maximizer:
  • Zoho CRM:
  • Zoho Books:
  • CRM for Sales ,
    Our crm systems can track the performance of your sales team, assist with their follow up activities, manage sales territories and help gain insightful information about your existing sales opportunities and shortening the lifecycle of your sales.
  • CRM for Customer Service
    Losing loyalty of your key customers or any customer is something we should consider very seriously and one of the reasons is because we cannot properly track the turnaround time your customer service staff has taken to resolve a client’s issue. Our systems can help you resolve is integral challenge in your business with our intelligent reporting and case escalation rules.
  • CRM for Marketing
    Use CRM for generating leads from your website, Social Media, email marketing automation, sms marketing and measuring your ROI on google ad word campaigns.
  • CRM For Reporting
    Losing track of your data because you have too many excel sheet and too many business systems the data is all over the place. Time consuming to compile executive reports by having a centralised systems your data is in one place and we can extract data on demand whenever and wherever.

Application Development:
We are living a in fast paced and ever changing technology driven environment and that means that sometimes we cannot find the right solution you require so we have a team of developers that can meet the desired need of your requirements.

Professional Services:
We are a turnkey solutions provider and we hold your hand through the entire project from consulting with you and understanding your business challenges , implementing the solution and providing the different levels of training for all users.